Southeast Asian Spirits
Shafi adam toyol

The Toyol. A small imp bred in jars. If sufficiently fed with the blood of their owners, they will prowl the night doing their master's bidding, usually stealing from their enemies.

Shafi adam pontianak

The Pontianak. The vengeful vampiric spirit of a woman who dies in childbirth. She sniffs out her prey by smelling their clothes, so be sure to not have your clothes drying outside overnight.

Shafi adam penanggalan

The Penanggalan. As night comes, the top half of a cursed girl sprouts wings and splits from her waist. Entrails hanging loose, she stalks the forest awaiting prey in the form of lost wanderers.

Southeast Asian Spirits

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A project that explores Southeast Asian folklore. Ghost stories played a big role in my childhood, influencing my interest in horror themes in art.